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Smith Micro Software, Inc. provides software and services that simplify, secure, and enhance the mobile experience. The Company's portfolio of wireless solutions includes a wide range of client and server applications that manage voice, data, video, and connectivity over mobile broadband networks. Our primary customers are the world's leading mobile network operators, mobile device manufacturers, and enterprise businesses. In addition to our wireless and mobility software, Smith Micro offers personal productivity and graphics products distributed through a variety of consumer channels worldwide.

Over three decades, the company has developed extensive expertise in embedded software for networked devices (both wireless and wired), which has been leveraged to solve an unending tide of connectivity and mobile service challenges for our customers. As network operators and businesses struggle to reduce costs and complexity in a market characterized by rapid evolution and fragmentation, Smith Micro answers with innovative solutions that increase reliability, security, performance, efficiency, and usability of wireless services over a variety of networks and device platforms.

The underlying philosophy driving our products and services is our desire to improve the user experience and optimize resources for our customers. These objectives are delivered through the combination of rigorous market analysis and planning, technology innovation that leverages substantial intellectual property, leadership in industry standards, quality engineering, and extensive commercial deployment experience gained over 30 years. As technology, market dynamics, and consumer demands change, Smith Micro has proven its ability to evolve and meet market demands again and again.

We were incorporated in California in November 1982, and we reincorporated in Delaware in June 1995. Our principal executive offices are located at 51 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, California, 92656. Our telephone number is (949) 362-5800 and our website address is www.smithmicro.com. We are a public company traded on the NASDAQ Exchange under the symbol SMSI, and we make our SEC filings available on the Investor Relations page of our website.

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Smith Micro Software Inc.

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