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Manga Studio Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Guide for Clip Studio® Paint

22 step-by-step lessons and video tutorials with final versions of the projects students will complete, as well as sample files used in the lessons.

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The Curriculum Guide for CLIP STUDIO® PAINT consists of 21 step-by-step lessons and video tutorials. It also includes final versions of the projects you and/or students will complete, as well as sample files used in the lessons.

The Curriculum Guide must be used in conjunction with CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO or CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX (Manga Studio® 5 or 5 EX). Please make sure that Manga Studio or CLIP STUDIO PAINT has already been installed on your computer.

21 Lessons:

  • Lesson Plan #1: New Page
  • Lesson Plan #2: New Story
  • Lesson Plan #4: Pencilling and Inking
  • Lesson Plan #5: Frames
  • Lesson Plan #6: Page Templates
  • Lesson Plan #7: Lettering
  • Lesson Plan #8: Coloring & Blending Modes
  • Lesson Plan #9: Layer Properties
  • Lesson Plan #10: Screen Tones
  • Lesson Plan #11: Exporting and Printing
  • Lesson Plan #12: Actions
  • Lesson Plan #13: 3D Models
  • Lesson Plan #14: Importing 3D Models
  • Lesson Plan #15: Tonal Correction
  • Lesson Plan #16: Filters
  • Lesson Plan #17: Custom Brushes
  • Lesson Plan #18: Rulers
  • Lesson Plan #19: Perspective Rulers
  • Lesson Plan #20: Vector Layers
  • Lesson Plan #21: Customizing Your Workspace
  • Lesson Plan #22: Animation

What's Included?

  • Curriculum Guide*
  • Project files and content needed to complete the lessons**
  • Written step-by-step lessons
  • Video tutorials for each lesson

* The Curriculum Guide is a PDF document. You will need to install Adobe® Reader® on your computer in order to read it.

** A single user License of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO or higher is required to open and work with the project materials.

Clip Studio® and Manga Studio® are registered trademarks of Celsys, Inc.