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Manga Studio 5 and CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO are the same applications

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Your serial number, license number or unlock code for Digital Purchases can be found on your order confirmation email or by logging in to your Online Store Account and going to your Order History. If you own a Physical Copy, the number is located on a sticker on the back of the CD Sleeve or on the inside of the DVD Case. These numbers will never be located on the outside of the packaging. If you can't locate your serial number, please contact our Support Team.

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The digital download versions of Manga Studio will now include CLIP STUDIO PAINT branding. Please note that Manga Studio and CLIP STUDIO PAINT are the exact same applications. CLIP STUDIO PAINT is simply the digital download version of Manga Studio.

Smith Micro will be providing customer support to all English versions of CLIP STUDIO PAINT and Manga Studio.

Check out the overview comparison chart, and compare Manga Studio EX 5 , Manga Studio 5, Manga Studio 4 EX and Manga Studio 4 Debut.

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