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Poser 11 Updates

Updates to Poser are now delivered via our Download Manager (DLM). The DLM is small application which will allow you to manage downloading and installing the application and supporting content. The DLM will require you to enter your serial number and will then display the correct installers for the version of Poser your serial number was issued for. The DLM will run the installers once downloaded, let you choose where your downloaded installers are stored, and will store your serial numbers so you only need to enter them once.

This version of the DLM includes a tab to display updaters as well as all full installers. If you have a running installation of Poser and are looking for updaters only, click on the "Updaters" tab to see what's available.

If you are not able to get access to the DLM, or the update installers, please contact our support team for assistance. Be sure to have your serial number on hand for the support team to reference.

Poser 11 Update 6 & Content Update 6
Version: 11.0.6, Released 01/15/2017

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Poser 11 Update 5
Version: 11.0.5, Released 09/15/2016

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Poser 11 Content Update 4
Version 11.0.4, Released 05/16/2016

Poser 11 users should install this important update. The update includes the new Poser 11 male figure, Paul and his associated clothing and accessories. This update also includes updates to the Female character Pauline.