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HiveWire 3D Horse

Hivewire 3D Horse Bundle

The Hivewire 3D Horse Bundle honors the free-spirited essence of our equine companions bringing you a versatile, feature-rich experience never before achieved in this market.

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From modeling and polygon arrangement, rigging and morph controls to realistic high-resolution textures, an amazing amount of attention to detail in every aspect of creation gives the end user “ultimate control” to assist in getting fast, easy and believable results.

Strong, graceful, determined, fierce and regal, its natural companionship with man in both work and art wins the horse a special seat in history.

With an amazing amount of attention to detail in every aspect of this collaborative creation and the driving principle of giving the end user “ultimate control”, master HiveWire modeler Chris Creek takes the 3D mesh topology into a brandnew, anatomically accurate arrangement of points and polygons that are distributed throughout the 3D model with believability in movement of the figure in mind.

The technical mastery of Paul Lessard (CG Cubed) extends that driving principle through the rigging and application of morphs and movement of the horse. Each aspect of the horse including the Mane, Tail and Fetlocks contain Master Controls to assist users in getting fast, easy and believable results.

For horse lover extraordinaire and texture expert Laurie Prindle (CWRW) ultimate control comes in the form of attention to the fine details of horse anatomy and motion as well as various horse breeds supported with highresolution texture maps produced from photos of her very own horses.

The HiveWire 3D Horse and each of its breeds honors the true essence of our freespirited equine companions and brings to you a versatile, featurerich experience never before achieved in a 3D animal model in this market.

HiveWire Horse Base
Native Poser and Daz Studio WeightMapped Figures include: HiveWireHorse, HWHorseFetlocks, HWHorseMane, HWHorseTail.

High Resolution Texture Maps (2048x2048 to 6000x6000) for Fetlocks, Mane Straight, Mane Wavy, Socks & Head Stripe, Tail Straight, Tail Wavy, Mane Full Length, Mane Med Length, Mane Short, Tail Full Length, Tail Short 248 Morphs/Control Dials include 80 Morphs, 34 Base Controls, 36 Fetlock Controls, 67 Mane Controls and 31 Tail Controls. Poses include 26 Base Poses, 10 Horse Poses, 4 Horse Zero Poses, 7 Mane Visibility Poses and 5 Fetlock Visibility Poses

Special Thanks to CWRW, Flint Hawkier, and the loyal HiveWire 3D Community, for their help in the development of this figure.

Included Breeds - E​ach breed listed is supported with a breed-specific morph for the HiveWire Horse, Mane, Tail and Fetlocks as well as the HiveWire Unicorn Horn, Beard and Tail. High Resolution (6000x6000) texture maps are included for each breed with many options for long, short, curly and straight manes and tails included.

HiveWire Unicorn
Add a little magic to your art with the HiveWire Unicorn! Native Poser and Daz Studio Weight-Mapped Figures include: HW Unicorn Beard, HW Unicorn Horn, HW Unicorn Tail and Morph Support for the HW Foal and 3D Universe Toon Horse

HiveWire Foal
An adorable foal morph for the HiveWire Horse. Works well with all horse breeds.

HiveWire Draft
Very capable of pulling any cargo, this gorgeous draft animal comes fully loaded with appropriate fetlock hair with options for a variety of looks to bring the draft to life with exceptional texture maps derived from the real breed.

HiveWire Arabian
Arabians have come to be known as "Drinkers of the Wind" and are said to draw their speed, strength and courage from the very wind from which they were created. Includes high-resolution texture maps and material settings that honor the magical sheen of the white horse.

HiveWire Friesian
With its beautiful shiny black coat, and long, romantic, flowing mane and tail, the 3D Friesian Horse is Baroque elegance personified. HiveWire 3D has also included matching add ons for the HiveWire Unicorn to transform the Friesian into a magical and majestic Black Unicorn. From reality to high fantasy, the HiveWire Friesian will bring a new dimension to your horse and unicorn renders.

HiveWire Beast Horse
This amazing dappled animal is a representation and compilation of the largest draft horses ever recorded. From the mid 1800's these mammoth horses have topped the scales at 3360 lbs and have been as tall as 21.2 hands, which is over 7'2" tall measuring at the height of the horse's withers.

HiveWire Mustang
Mustangs are the horse of the North American west that has roamed freely for over 300 years. Descendants of Spanish horses that were brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the 16th century, the name m​ustang ​was derived from the Spanish word m​ustengo, ​which means "ownerless beast" or "stray horse." Includes authentic coat colorations of the breed.

HiveWire Quarter Horse
Strong, agile, and intelligent, Quarter Horses are one of the oldest and most popular recognized breeds in the United States, dating back to around the 1660s. Skilled sprinters clocked at speeds up to 55MPH, their name comes from their ability to outdistance other breeds in quarter mile or less races. Buckskin coat with assorted mane, tail, blaze and sock options.

HiveWire Shetland Pony
Shetland Ponies are known for their small stature, hardiness, strength, and longevity. Good tempered, intelligent, and gentle, they are perfect for children or your own inner child. Mushroom colored coat options included.

"Perfection is achieved when there’s nothing left to edit. The HiveWire Horse is a mix of creativity, perfection in anatomy and is powered by the latest rigging techniques that leave nothing else to desire. In my truly honest opinion, this is the best 3D Horse creation from our communities to date. It is, without a doubt, an inspiring product with high quality and versatility." ​– MEC4D

"The Hivewire 3D Horse is one of the best 3D animals in the marketplace and is clearly the frontrunner when it comes to the equine family. The attention to detail, its ability to make those impossible poses possible, and paired with CWRW's best horse textures to date, make this horse the only horse model you’ll ever want to use again” ​– Ken Gilliland (Songbird ReMix)