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Internet Cleanup 5.0.X to 5.1 Update for Mac OS X 10.6

Internet Cleanup 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 Update for Mac OS X 10.3
Internet Cleanup 3.0.3 Enhancement and Bug fixes include:

  1. Addressed problems in Network SpyAlert that were causing system instability for some users.
  2. Fixed a bug in NetBlockade that could result in some cookies not being blocked that should have been blocked.
  3. Fixed a bug preventing some rules from correctly being applied to some applications leading to repeated connection attempt alerts that could not be stopped.
  4. Fixed the Internet Cleanup menu so that non-admin users cannot turn of Network SpyAlert unless an admin user has set the preference to allow non-admin users to alter Network SpyAlert settings.
  5. Fixed a bug preventing rules from being added by a non-admin user who authorizes with an admin password.
  6. Fixed a bug that was leading to intermittent drawing glitches in the Network SpyAlert block alerts.

Internet Cleanup 3.0.2 Update
The latest version of Internet Cleanup is 3.0.2. Download the updater installer. Your serial number will be required to run the installer. This update is required for all users of Intel processor - equipped Mac's. It is recommended for all Internet Cleanup users so they can take advantage of various fixes and updated support for browsers.

Internet Cleanup 2.0.3 Update
Your serial number will be required to run this installer. This update fixes an issue with NetBlockade, SpyAlert and updates the IM Log Finder and Spyware database.

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