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Save 10 to 40% on Smith Micro Products

Registered owners of current Wacom tablets are eligible to take advantage of special Smith Micro offers.

What Will You Create?

Poser Pro 2014

Made for power-users, professional artists who need to create 3D character images and animation.


(Save 10% off SRP of $499.99)

Poser 10

Perfect for getting started in 3D. Everything you need to make incredible art.


(Save 10% off SRP of $129.99)

Poser Debut

Entry-level package, less features and less included content.


(Save 10% off SRP of $49.99)

Anime Studio Pro 10

Perfect for professional animation artists to make your work-flow as efficient as you need it to be.


(Save 10% off SRP of $299.99)

Anime Studio Debut 10

Learn 2D animation and get started quickly with Debut's Beginners Mode and Character Wizard.


(Save 10% off SRP of $49.99)

Anime Studio 9 Cirriculum Guide

The Curriculum Guide teaches you the essential skills for any animation project.


(Save 10% off SRP of $49.99)

Manga Studio 5 EX

Powerful cutting edge drawing and coloring tools, an essential tool for professional comic and manga artists.


(Save 30% off SRP of $299.99)

Manga Studio 5

Manga Studio Debut provides a fun straightforward way for you to start creating your own comics today.


(Save 40% off SRP of $79.99)

Manga Studio Curriculum Guide

The Manga Studio® Curriculum Guide consists of 21 step-by-step lessons and video tutorials as well as sample files used in the lessons.


(Save 10% off SRP of $29.99)

StuffIt Deluxe Mac 16

Includes StuffIt Destinations®, the amazing free-your-brain, save-your-time, drag-and-drop-and-it's-done file delivery toolbar. StuffIt Archive Manager provides more advanced features for creating, searching, and browsing archives.


(Save 10% off SRP of $49.99)

StuffIt Deluxe Windows

Get better compression than other Zip utilities. You can create both Zip and StuffIt X Archives, but StuffIt's compressors are specifically targeted for maximum efficiency with, images (JPEG, TIFFs) audio (MP3s) and PDFs, and Microsoft® Office documents and PowerPoint® presentations with no quality loss.


(Save 10% off SRP of $49.99)


Create comic-style panels, fill them will imported images, and animate them for endless possibilities and cutting-edge effects.


(Save 10% off SRP of $59.99)


Complete and easy-to-use, Scattershow allows you to explore and load photos from your laptop, smartphone, Instagram®, and social media to create a stunning modern slideshow.


(Save10% off SRP of $29.99)