Additional Software Updates

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Aquazone Open Water Update

FREE Aquazone Open Water "Fish Pack" Update

A couple of fish were missing from the original release of Open Water. You can download the "fish pack" below. They will only work with an installed version of Aquazone Open Water.

Aquazone Dugong & Whale Shark Pack - 1.94 MB (.exe)

*Aquazone is not supported on the newer operating systems such as Mac OSX Lion (10.7) and later.

Updates for Aquazone Blue Planet

FREE Aquazone Blue Planet MAC OSX Update

This updater address Snow Leopard compatibilty issues.This updater will only work with an installed copy of Aquazone Blue Planet for Macintosh.

Download Aquazone Snow Leopard Update (4.0 MB .dmg)

*Aquazone is not supported on the newer operating systems such as Mac OSX Lion (10.7) and later.

CheckIt Registry Cleaner 2.0.4 is now available

  1. In the previous version,, the CheckIt Registry Cleaner folder in Program Files includes two extra files for 32 and 64 bit systems: CheckItRegistryCleanerx32_Retail.exe and CheckItRegistryCleanerx64_Retail.exe. In, these are removed and in it's place is just a CheckItRegistryCleaner.exe application. The installer now will automatically detect if the user's system is 32 or 64 bit and install the correct version.

  2. After uninstalling CheckIt Registry Cleaner, it completely removes all files and folders of CheckIt Registry Cleaner from the Program Files folder.

  3. The install path is changed to C:/Program Files/Smith Micro/CheckIt Registry Cleaner. A CheckIt Registry Cleaner folder is also added to the Smith Micro Start Menu folder.

  4. New links for the "Bonus Software" and "Recommended Software"

  5. Typo fixed in the Help files.

Registered owners of 2.0 can download the update below.

CheckIt Registry Cleaner 2.0.4 - 63.5 MB (.exe)

CheckIt® Diagnostics Updates

CheckIt Diagnostics 8.0.2

This recommended update improves window resizing and the user interface as well as a few minor bug fixes. Registered owners of 8.0 or 8.0.1 can download the update below, your original serial number will be required during installation.

CheckIt Diagnostics 8.0.2 - 121 MB (.exe)