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Anime Studio 11 Curriculum Guide

Moho (Anime Studio) Curriculum Guide

The Principles of Animation – Moho (Anime Studio) Curriculum Guide

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The Moho (Anime Studio) Curriculum Guide consists of 12 step-by-step written tutorials and video lessons focusing on the meaning of each principle, and how each principle can be demonstrated through sample animations created in Moho (Anime Studio). It also includes final versions of the projects students will complete, as well as sample files used in the lessons. At the end of each lesson, students will be able to complete a short quiz that they can easily tear out of the guide and turn in to their instructor.

Learn the 12 Principles of Animation:

  • Squash and Stretch

  • Exaggeration

  • Anticipation

  • Secondary Action

  • Follow-Through and Over-Lapping

  • Ease-in & Ease-out

  • Arcs

  • Appeal

  • Straight Ahead and Pose-to-Pose

  • Timing

  • Solid Drawing

  • Staging

What's Included?

  • The Principles of Animation PDF Curriculum Guide

  • Project files and content needed to complete the lessons

  • Step-by-step tutorials for each of the 12 lessons

  • Assessments after each Principle

*A single user License of Anime Studio 11 or higher is required to open and work with the project materials.

The Anime Studio® Curriculum Guide requires (at minimum) the installation of Anime Studio Debut 11 in order to be able to follow the lessons in the curriculum guide. Please ensure that you have installed Anime Studio Debut 11 on your computer. For more information on Anime Studio Debut 11, please visit

The Anime Studio® Curriculum Guide is a PDF document. You will need to install Adobe® Reader® on your computer in order to read it. As well, the curriculum guide makes use of embedded Adobe® Flash® files. You will need to install Adobe® Flash® Player 9 or higher on your computer in order to access those files. There also QuickTime® videos in the 'Step by Step Lessons' folder. You will need to install QuickTime® on your computer in order to access those video files.


Requires Anime Studio 11 Debut or Pro 300 MB additional disc space recommended.