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Animating and Rigging Quadrupeds in Anime Studio Pro 11

Description: Animating quadrupeds with bones may seem complicated, but the right tools can make it faster and easier to get smooth, lively results. Join Anime Studio Master Victor Paredes in this 1-hour webinar where he will demonstrate helpful techniques to make the rigging and walk animation process much simpler using Anime Studio Pro 11. Learn how Target Bones give you more control, how Additive cycles make the process quicker, and how overlapping actions make your quadruped look more alive. All of this and more will be demonstrated, plus you'll have the opportunity to get your questions answered by an expert! Reorded on Thursday, January 28, 2016.

About the Presenter: Victor is an award-winning 2D animator from Santiago, Chile who has been creating animations professionally for the last seven years. He has worked on various animation projects including short films, documentaries, and commercials for companies such as Chevrolet, Nextel, and Nestle, among others. Victor has won several awards in his native Chile and has been a moderator known as Selgin, on the Anime Studio Forum Lost Marble for many years.

For more on Victor check out his work on YouTube and in his Anime Studio gallery reel.