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Farm Puppets Reviews

Technology & Speech Therapy Corner

"I had a great time this morning with one of my students with Autism who loves toys and puppets. She is always requesting to play with something so I got creative with letting her play with another "non-speech therapy" app. Using the free app Farm Puppets ... "Who" Cards we created a short dialog where one puppet would ask the question and the other puppet would answer. She thought this was great."

Farm Puppets

Date published: 04/24/2013

5 / 5 stars

Blog of Mr. Eric Hills

"Have students plan out and then create a dialogue or story using ... my personal favorite – Farm Puppets. I made a dialogue between two puppets that showed different conflict resolutions methods for health class. The students were sent in the hall with their small group in order to record them."

Farm Puppets

Date published: 06/10/2013

5 / 5 stars

Teaching With iPad

"As a primary school teacher, I am always looking for ways to enhance the learning experiences for my students. As we have recently set up a partial class set of iPad minis, we are encouraging all of our teachers to use content-creation apps as opposed to content-specific consumption apps to share our knowledge. Farm Puppets (free, with optional in-app purchases) is a great storytelling app that both educators and students alike will enjoy."

Anime Studio

Date published: 06/04/2013

5 / 5 stars

Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers

"This week I'm featuring one of my favorite apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The app is "Farm Puppets" and allows you and/or your students to quickly and easily create your own puppet shows. Then, when you're done, you can upload them to YouTube with a click of the button."

Farm Puppets

Date published: 05/25/2013

4.5 / 5 stars

Tech for Teachers

"I love the Farm Puppets app! I've seen it used across all grade levels, and it's a coin toss as to who has more fun with it, the kids or the teachers. "

Farm Puppets

Date published: 10/11/2013

4.5 / 5 stars

CISD Technology

"The Farm Puppets app is great for elementary-aged students to show their creativity. It can be used to: visualize writing, reviewing concepts, introducing new concepts and story creation."

Farm Puppets

Date published: 09/10/2012

4 / 5 stars