Flame Painter 4 - Now Available!
Flame Painter 4

Flame Painter 4

Award-winning digital painting software, where you can paint with life-like particle brushes not found in any other software. You are the creator with Flame Painter!

Digital Copy $89.99    

Organic Multi-brushes

Flame Painter’s organic multi-brushes allow great variety in a single stroke without having to draw all the individual elements each time. Although the possibilities are endless, we split them into the following categories based on what results you wish to achieve and what brushes to expect.

Flame Painter 4 - Now Available!

Graphic Brushes

Within only a few brushstrokes, you can achieve interesting effects for posters, backgrounds or create original patterns on your graphic designs.

Flame Painter 4 - Now Available!

Photo Effects Brushes

Varied effects, ranging from fire, smoke, bokeh to rain, clouds and other photo patterns or any imported photographs are ready to enhance your next digital masterpiece.

Flame Painter 4 - Now Available!

Draw & Paint Brushes

Perfect for the fundamentals of your painting, the standard tools, such as pencils, inks and pastels are always on hand for your creative workflow.

Particle Brushes

  • 6 Particle systems:

    • Flame, Ribbon, Follow are included.

    • Liner, Elastic, Fuzzy as add-ons.

  • Advanced multi-brushes

  • Millions of brush variations

  • Brush Creator

  • Extensive free online Brush Library

  • Custom color palette

  • Pen pressure-sensitive parameters

  • RGB, HSL, HSV, HSLuv color palette

  • Beautiful gradient transitions

Layers & Effects

  • 12 professional color & effect filters

  • 23 Photoshop blending modes

  • Unlimited image size

  • Editable vector layers

  • Hires renderer

  • Tiling to create seamless textures

  • Symmetry mode

  • Multi-core optimizations

Layers & Effects

Interface & Connection

  • Photoshop plugin

  • Copy & Paste layers to 3rd party apps

  • Wacom and Ink tablet support

  • Intuitive customizable interface

  • Multi-touch gestures

  • Fullscreen mode

Interface & Connection

File System

  • FPA, PSD, PNG, JPG, TIF and BMP files

  • Open and save layered PSD files

  • Export to SVG vector file format

  • Drag & Drop files from folder

  • Drag & Drop images from web-browser

  • Publish artworks in online Gallery

File System