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Clip Studio Paint EX (Manga Studio)

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX - Everything Must Go!

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How To Draw Digital Art with CLIP STUDIO PAINT (Manga Studio)

Formerly Manga Studio. Create Comics and Manga from Start to Finish

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, the leading Comic software worldwide, is your all-in-one solution for stunning, ready-to-publish manga and comics. Invigorate your artwork using color, express motion using speed lines, apply dimension with screen tones and add dialog through built-in word balloons. CLIP STUDIO PAINT helps you draw digital art from start to finish!

How To Draw Digital Art with Manga Studio

How to Draw Comics or Manga in 8 Easy Steps with CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Step 1 - Complete Artistic Control

Sketch, scan or import your artwork directly!

Step 2 - Digital Inking

Ink your drawings with precision using advanced inking tools.

Step 3 - Shading

Customize your projects with professional shading tools and pattern brushes.

Step 4 - Applying Tones

Choose from tons of print ready screen tones.

Step 5 - Focus & Speed Lines

Add focus and speed line effects in seconds to express moods or motion.

Step 6 - Text & Word Balloons

Drag and drop pre-designed word balloons or create your own!

Step 7 - Add Color

Color your artwork using the integrated color palette.

Step 8 - Publish & Export

Create ready to publish comics and Manga for print or web.