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The digital artist’s secret for creating 3D character animation and illustration.

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Learning Poser® 11 and Poser® Pro 11 Video Tutorials

Learning Poser® 11 and Poser® Pro 11 Video Tutorials

Over 7 hours of personal instruction in 14 step-by-step video tutorials focusing on specific features of Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11.

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Jump start your skills with the most comprehensive Poser learning resource ever released. Animator and Poser Artist, Steve Harms, shares his workflow secrets and guides your learning beginning with the Poser basics; navigating the user interface, locating tools, operating cameras and posing figures. You'll quickly move forward with intermediate skills while exploring the vast content library, setting up scenes and rendering your artwork. Before you know it you'll grasp advanced understanding of Poser's powerful features while delving into a thorough understanding of materials, lighting, rendering, animation and character customization.

Beginners will feel comfortable and quickly grow their abilities while advanced users will supplement their skill set and get exposed to the latest features in Poser 11. This tutorial series is uniquely designed to accelerate your learning while having fun and creating 3D art that inspires. Steve's casual teaching style will expand your artistry by taking advantage of the abundant Poser library of 3D characters, vehicles, props and presets. You'll also discover Poser's powerful content creation tools to morph, sculpt, and create your own original characters and bring them to life with animation skills that make them walk and talk. You'll learn how easy it is to express and render your imagination from Sketch, Comic and Toon styles to the realism of the brand new SuperFly render engine.

Whether you’re new to Poser or looking to polish your skills, you'll be amazed at how much you'll learn in each video and how fun and easy it is working in Poser. You'll leave with a deep understanding of the Poser 11 features and be well versed in many 3D techniques found in your favorite art, television and film.

Steve Harms is a Film Director, Animator & Visual Effects Artist located in California. He draws from a mixed media discipline fusing digital and handmade elements with Poser at the heart of his workflow. Steve has studied Design and Animation at UNLV, Cabrillo College, DeAnza College and graduated from San Francisco State University majoring in Film Directing and Animation Production. He has supported the Poser software development as an employee, contractor and beta team member over the years. His freelance company, Earthling Arts, has served numerous clients and companies by providing animation and video production. Steve enjoys a deep passion for the art of animation by collecting animated films and attending animation festivals.

Poser 11 & Poser Pro 11 Tutorials Promo Video

Lesson 1 - Intro to Poser

  1. Posing 3D Characters
  2. User Interface and Tools
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Menu Commands
  5. Camera Controls

Lesson 2 - Setting up a Scene

  1. Background Pictures
  2. Library
  3. Adding Props
  4. Hierarchy Editor and Parenting
  5. Lighting
  6. Animation
  7. Rendering

Lesson 3 - Customizing the User Interface

  1. UI Layouts
  2. Custom Palettes
  3. General Preferences
  4. Additional Tools & Features
  5. Color & Display Styles

Lesson 4 - Library Part 1

  1. Categories
  2. Animal & Cartoon Figures
  3. Loading 3D Content
  4. Create Libraries
  5. Save Content in Library

Lesson 5 - Library Part 2

  1. Human & Fantasy Figures
  2. Clothing, Hair & Material Presets
  3. Poses & Expressions
  4. Parenting Hand-held Props
  5. Loading Scenery Props

Lesson 6 - Cameras

  1. Camera Controls
  2. Special Functions
  3. Types of Cameras
  4. Viewports
  5. Parameters
  6. Depth of Field

Lesson 7 - Lighting Part 1

  1. Light Controls
  2. Types of Lights
  3. Types of Shadows
  4. Ambient Occlusion
  5. Shadow Throw Patterns

Lesson 8 - Lighting Part 2

  1. Light Casting Objects
  2. Image Based Lights
  3. High Dynamic Range Images
  4. Realistically Light a Scene

Lesson 9 - Materials

  1. Select, View & Edit Materials
  2. Shaders, Nodes & Channels
  3. Firefly Vs. SuperFly
  4. Compound Nodes and Material Layers
  5. Wacro Shortcuts
  6. Material Presets

Lesson 10 - Rendering Part 1

  1. Area Render
  2. Raytrace Preview
  3. Render Dimensions
  4. FireFly Render Settings
  5. Indirect Light
  6. Subsurface Scattering
  7. Toon Outline & Shadows Only

Lesson 11 - Rendering Part 2

  1. Rendering Organic Materials
  2. SuperFly Render Settings
  3. Volumetrics, Caustics & Motion Blur
  4. Sketch Render
  5. Preview Render
  6. Movie Output Settings

Lesson 12 - Toon & Comic Styles

  1. Toon Outline
  2. Comic Book Preview
  3. Geometric Edge Lines
  4. Cartoon Display Styles
  5. Toon Shaders
  6. Flash Render Options

Lesson 13 - Animation

  1. Animation Palette & Graph Display
  2. Keyframes & Interpolation
  3. Animation Layers
  4. Talk Designer
  5. Walk Designer

Lesson 14 - Create & Customize

  1. Full Body Morphs
  2. Face Room
  3. Morphing Tool
  4. Control Handles
  5. Hair Room
  6. Grouping Tool
  7. Magnet Deformers
  8. Inverse Kinematics

The Learning Poser® 11 and Poser® Pro 11 Video Tutorials requires (at minimum) the installation of Poser 11 or Poser Pro 11. Please ensure that you have installed Poser 11 or Poser Pro 11 on your computer. As well, you'll need at least 7 GB of free hard drive space. Please be aware that the video for Lesson 5 - Library Part 2 at time 2:50 to 5:00 will display a nude female form.