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These Video Tutorials were designed to help beginners, aspiring animators and digital artists learn more about Moho™ 12 (Formerly Anime Studio). Take a walk-through of a variety of topics and features in Moho Debut and Pro.

What's Included?

Over 10 hours' worth of personal instruction available right at your fingertips, freely accessible on your hard drive wherever you are creating great content! The package contains 103 step-by-step video tutorials focusing on specific Moho Debut and Pro features.

17 Videos on Moho 12 New Features
  • 8 Videos on Moho Debut & Pro’ Features

  • 9 Videos on Moho Pro Only Features

86 Videos on Moho/Anime Studio Other Features
  • 26 videos on Moho Debut and Pro’s Shared features

  • 15 videos on Moho Debut’s features

  • 45 Videos on Moho Pro’s Features

The Moho 12 Video Tutorials requires (at minimum) the installation of Moho Debut 12 or Moho Pro 12. Please ensure that you have installed Moho Debut 12 or Moho Pro 12 on your computer. In addition, you will need about 3GB of hard disk space for all the videos.