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Moho Updates

Moho Updates - for Debut and Pro

All updates will require you to provide your serial number. If you are not able to get access to the updaters, even after entering your serial number, please contact our support team for assistance.

Updates for Moho Debut 13 and Pro 13

All available free updates for current owners of Moho 13. Activation requires a valid licence key.

Moho 13.0.2

Released 9/26/2019

View ReadMe for details on all improvements that have been made.

Download 13.0.2 for Mac    Download 13.0.2 for Windows

Moho 13.0.1

Released 8/20/2019

View ReadMe for details on all improvements that have been made.

Download 13.0.1 for Mac    Download 13.0.1 for Windows

Moho Debut 12 and Moho Pro 12 Updates

This is a free update for owners of Moho 12. Three update installers are available:

  • Version 12.3 Mac supports Mac OS 10.9

  • Version 12.5.1 Mac supports Mac OS 10.10 through macOS 10.14

  • Version 12.5 Windows is the latest update

The Moho Pro 12.5.x update includes an option to also render the Muted Channels when exporting an animation using the “Render muted channels” checkbox in the Export Animation window. In addition, the 12.5.1 Mac update includes support for macOS 10.14. This update also includes several bug fixes. Please refer to the Read Me text file upon installation for more information.

Note that this also includes updates from previous Moho Pro 12.x updates including support for the Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial where five new modes were included to use the Surface Dial off and onscreen: Undo, Zoom, Canvas Rotation, Smart Bone, Stroke Width and the new Overlay Timeline, which allows to navigate in time and animate using the entire screen.

Note: This update overwrites your existing Moho 12 installation. You may be asked to enter your serial number again after installing version 12.3, 12.5, or 12.5.1. Please refer to the Read Me text file for more information on enhancements, bug fixes and improvements.

Download 12.3 for Mac OS 10.9

Download 12.5.1 for Mac OS 10.10 - macOS 10.14

Download 12.5 for Windows