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MotionArtist Software

Transform comics into moving interactive presentations!

Digital Copy $39.99    

Be sure to check the System Requirements

MotionArtist Motion Comic Video Tutorials

View the videos below to watch motion comic tutorials, and find out how to get up and running with MotionArtist quickly.

Overview    Features    Comic Panels    Word Balloons & Text   HTML5   Project Review   

MotionArtist Overview Videos

See what you can do with MotionArtist. Watch the Overview videos below.


What exactly is MotionArtist?

Getting Started

The workspace and animation basics.

MotionArtist Core Animation Features

Watch the videos below to learn MotionArtist’s core animation features.

Animating Elements

Techniques for creating movement with objects, panels & camera.

Motion Assist

Makes animating easier in Motion Artist.

Animation, Sequencing and Visibility

Animate a sequence of imported images.

Anime Studio Import

Import a character from Anime Studio into MotionArtist.

MotionArtist Comic Panel Videos

Explore working with panels and 3D arrangement in MotionArtist.

Working with Panels

Create & edit panels, add movement and use panel brushes.

Arrange in 3D

Arrange objects and create a 3D parallax effect.

MotionArtist Word Balloons and Text Video

Word Balloons and text can be placed and moved anywhere on the art-board. Select from one of the six pre-created word balloon sets and edit the shape and style.

World Balloons and Text

Edit and create custom word balloons. Easily add text.

MotionArtist HTML5 Video

Add interactivity to your motion comics with HTML5.

HTML5 Export

Export to HTML5 format from MotionArtist.

Project Review Video

A quick look at the default project in MotionArtist.

Animation Extras

Review the default project.