Influencer Program

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Request to be an Official Smith Micro Influencer!

As an Official Smith Micro Influencer you will have the following benefits:
  • Have access to promoting your work/brand to the hundreds of thousands of followers we have on our various social channels.

  • Become a part of a very elite community of brand ambassadors and professional and recreational artists.

  • Have access to your own private Influencer Correspondent to help answer any questions you may have and keep you up to date on all of the latest product news.

  • Share your product feedback with our product team

  • Have a chance to compete with other influencers for great incentives like free software, Amazon Gift cards and more!

Along with these amazing benefits, we’ll ask you to help to:
  • Create content for our Smith Micro blog with the guidance of our Marketing team.

  • Promote Moho and Poser product announcements, sales, updates, etc. on your website and or your various social channels using a customized link that will be provided to you.

If this sounds like something you see yourself participating in please fill out the form below and your request will be sent to our Marketing team.

PLEASE NOTE: Smith Micro reserves the right not to accept any request to be an influencer for any reason. Submitting a request does NOT mean that you are therefore an Official Influencer. Smith Micro will reach out to you via the email address submitted below if you are to be considered as an Official Influencer.