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Poser 7

Poser 7 Updates

All updates will require you to provide your serial number. If you are not able to get access to the updaters, even after entering your serial number, please contact our support team for assistance.


Updates all English versions of Poser 7 to 7.0.4

Mac SR3 Poser 7  Win SR3 Poser 7  SR3 Poser 7 ReadMe

(Mac file: 67.8 MB (.dmg) - Win File: 50.6 MB .zip)

Mac SR3 German  Win SR3 German

Mac file: 66.7 MB (.dmg) - Win File: 39.8 MB (.zip)

Poser 7 Content Update

ONLY Poser 7 ENGLISH users require this update. This update includes enhancements for the following: Prop loading and rendering for e frontier and 3rd party content, Figure loading and rendering for Ben2 and Kate2, New figure deforming magnets and poses for SydneyG2, Updated body poses for G2 Male and Female, Improved Talk Designer.

Mac Poser 7 Content Update   Win Poser 7 Content Update

Mac file: 146.52 MB (.dmg) - Win File: 146.11 MB (.zip)

Poser 7 Service Release 2.1 - FRENCH AND GERMAN

Updates all French and German versions of Poser 7 to

Mac German SR2.1   Win German Poser 7 SR2.1

Mac file: 36.1 MB (.dmg) - Win File: 15.4 KB (.zip)

Mac French SR2.1  Win French Poser 7 SR2.1

Mac file: 36.1 MB (.dmg) - Win File: 15.4 KB (.zip)

Poser 7 Character Updates - OPTIONAL

This update includes enhancements for the following: New figure deforming magnets and poses for SydneyG2 and SimonG2, and Improved Talk Designer for SimonG2 and SydneyG2. This update is also included as part of the larger Poser 7 Content Update.

Character Update Mac   Character Update Windows

Mac file: 34.20 MB (.dmg) - Win File: - 33.99 MB (.zip)

Poser 7 Collada Exporter Beta 1 - OPTIONAL

Requires Poser 7.0.2. This plug-in is provided as a pre-release beta version. Thus, its functionality and stability cannot be guaranteed for all Poser 7 installations on all systems. See the attached ReadMe file for details.

Collada Exporter Beta 1 Mac  Collada Exporter Beta 1 Windows

Mac file: 8.60 MB (dmg) - Win File: 2.09 MB (zip)

Poser 7 Content Errata - OPTIONAL

Contains several updated MCZ files in which some inaccurate image map references have been fixed.

Poser 7 Content Errata

File: 32.70 MB (zip)

Poser 7 Content Exporter - OPTIONAL

This free downloadable exporter (public beta) allows Poser 3D models to be exported for use in the 3D layer feature of Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended software.

Content Exporter Mac  Content Exporter Windows

Mac file: 861.84 KB (.dmg) - Win File: 568.88 MB (zip)