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Poser 8 Updates

All updates will require you to provide your serial number. If you are not able to get access to the updaters, even after entering your serial number, please contact our support team for assistance.

Poser 8 SR3 (SR3) 8.0.3

This critical Service Release for Poser 8 will update any previous English version of Poser 8, including the hotfix, SR1 versions and SR2/SR2.1. Simply download SR3 and launch the installer to update to Poser For full details on what the updater includes, please refer to the Read Me file linked below. Mac users will need to re-enter their original Poser 8 serial number after updating to SR3. - This update will only work on an installed copy of Poser 8.0.x.

Mac SR3 Poser 8  Win SR3 Poser 8  SR3 Poser 8 Read Me

Mac file: 63 MB .dmg - Win File: 20.1 MB .zip

Poser 8 Content Update

All Poser 8 owners should install this important update. This update includes the following: Updated Advanced, Ultimate, and Shiny materials for the full family of Alyson and Ryan figures, optimized to improve Indirect Light rendering performance. All figures have updated IK and Symmetry with Use Limits. Poser 8 dog includes Mutt Full Body Morph. Incorrect or missing paths for props has been fixed. Additional materials for the Convertible included. Eyebrow, armpit, beard and chest props for Ryan figures are included. Eyebrow prop for Alyson figures is included. ASL and Gesture hand poses are updated for improved loading.

Mac Poser 8 Content Update  Windows Poser 8 Content Update