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Poser Pro 11.1

The digital artist’s secret for creating 3D character animation and illustration.

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Over 5 GB of FREE 3D Content Included with Poser

Loads of Content Ready for Action

You'll want to get started building 3D scenes with characters as soon as you've installed Poser. We make that easy with professionally built characters, lots of clothing and props and even full scenes. Poser includes over 5 gigabytes of ready-to-pose, fully textured, human and animal figures, plus basic accessories such as hair, clothing, pose sets, real world props and 3D scene elements. See more Poser content (models, clothing, props and more) on the Poser Add-Ons Page.

We've included thousands of dollars of content with Poser and we couldn't provide this incredible value without the help of our partners. Huge thank you to all of the talented designers that contribute to Poser's content library.

People, Characters & Anatomy - 87 Items

Rex, Roxie, Alyson Low Res, Alyson 2, Alyson 2 Casual, Alisha, Alisha 2, Alisha LowRes, Ben, Ben 2, Ben Casual, Creech, Diego, Diego 2, Diego LowRes, Grey Alien, Izumi, Izumi 2, Izumi LowRes, James, Jessi, Kate, Kate 2, Kate Casual, Maria, Maria 2, Maria Low Res, Poser Pro Male (Pro only), Poser Pro Female (Pro only), ProjectHuman Male, ProjectHuman Female, Sydney G2, Simon G2, Alyson, Alyson Casual, Ryan, Ryan Casual, Ryan Low Res, Ryan 2, Ryan 2 Casual, Tomo, Tomo Low Res, Tomo 2, P2 Business Man, P2 Business Woman, P2 Casual Man, P2 Casual Woman, P2 Man, P2 Woman, P2 Child, P4 Business Man, P4 Business Woman, P4 Casual Man, P4 Casual Woman, P4 Man, P4 Woman, P4 Boy, P4 Girl, P4 Infant, P5 Don, P5 Judy, Andrea, Andy, Andy 2, Milkman Andy, Alyson Skeleton (2), Ryan Skeleton (2), Male Skeleton, Female Skeleton, Male Head, Female Head, Stick Man, Stick Woman, Stick Child, Wooden Mannequin, L/R Poser 8 Hands, L/R Poser Originals Hands, Female Musculature, Female Skeleton (matched to musculature), Male Musculature and Male Skeleton (matched to musculature).

Cartoon Characters - 16 Items

Barney 2, Bertha 2, Edgar 2, Freddie, Ginger 2, Gramps2, Minnie2, AlphaMan, BetaBoy, GammaGirl, Barney, Bertha, Ichiro2, Koshini2, Ralphling, Edgar, Ginger, Gramps, Mick, Minnie, LaRoo2, Phoebe and Squeaker Mouse.

Animals & Insects - 34 Items

Lion, Baby Penguin, Baby Walrus, Big Horn Sheep, Dregon (fantasy dragon), Baby Orca, Angelfish, Raptor, Scarab Beetle, Dilophosaurus Dinosaur, Wolf, Dolphin (2), King Cobra, Rattle Snake, Bear, Poser 8 Doberman, Crab, Alligator, Cockroach, Horse, Cat (2), Giant Octopus, Big Horn Sheep, T-Rex Skeleton, Fly, Eagle, Dog (2) and Frog.

Robots - 8 Items

Brainstem, Lycantar, Battle Bob, SA Kitty Mass, Hard, Helix, RoboButler and RoboShark

Environments & Places - 20 Items

Crime Lab, Office, Refinery, Forest Naturals plants and props, SciFi Rooms A, B, C and D, Microcosm, Water's Edge plants and props, Modern Mansion Interior, Medieval Village, YURdigital, SciFi Corridor SpaceStation Builder, ToonSanta Bootshop, The Pad Apartment and TransPond Plants (5 items).

Vehicles - 9 Items

Banshee Fighter Jet, Skid Steer Loader, HeliPack, T68 Spacecraft, DragonSnake Jet, SoloShip, Mini Convertible, Steampunk Zepplin and JetPack.

Faces - 144 facial poses and expressions


And Even More Free Content...

Lights - 118 Pre-configured Set-ups

  • Basic Lights (17 sets)
  • HDR Lights (14 sets)
  • IBL with Ambient Occlusion (10 sets)
  • Image Based Lights (10 sets)
  • Themes and Places (33 sets)
  • Studio Lights (17 sets)
  • Studio Lights with Ambient Occlusion (17 sets)

Poses - 3320 Various Poses

  • 101 Animal Poses
  • 307 Cartoon Figure Poses
  • 2607 People Poses
  • 274 Universal Poses
  • 13 Vehicle Poses
  • 18 Robot Poses

Props - 156 Items

  • SciFi Medical Bed
  • Construction cranes
  • Building Framework
  • Cryo Unit
  • Egg Chair
  • Rufus Plushie Toy
  • Browning Gun
  • Courvoisier Chair Set (4 items)
  • Decisions Modern Furniture Set (14 items)
  • The Pad Furnishings (33 items)
  • Swords (6 versions)
  • 33 Basic Primitives (spheres, cones, boxes, etc.)
  • 24 Morphing Primitives (Mobius, Lenses, Cubes, Discs, etc.)
  • 35 Real World Props (laptop, mobile phone, clock, etc.)

Clothing - 363 Clothing and Accessories

  • Alyson Collection (15 pieces)
  • Alyson Armor (6 pieces)
  • Alyson Jewelry (4 pieces)
  • Ben Collection (4 pieces)
  • James Collection (45 pieces)
  • Jesse Collection (69 pieces)
  • Kate Collection (4 pieces)
  • Poser Originals Male Collection (24 pieces)
  • Poser Originals Female Collection (37 pieces)
  • Ryan Collection (16 pieces)
  • Ryan Armor (14 pieces)
  • Ryan Medieval (2 pieces)
  • Simon Collection (11 pieces)
  • Sydney Collection (15 pieces)

Hands - 388 Various Hand Poses

Hair - 144 Various Hairstyles

Materials - 1388 Materials and Sets

Cameras - 57 Various Camera Sets

  • Basic camera setups (13 sets)
  • Themes and Places (44 sets)

Content Development Partners

Biohazard, boundless, Danie & marforno (DM Productions), DarkEdgeDesign, DevilDogStudios (Brent Bowers, Christopher Haigood, Wayne Martell, Vik Sorensangbam), Dead Reckoning, Dimension3D, Don Albert, Esha, evg3dren, HDR-VFX llc, Jay Koelzer Illustration, Jennifer Greenlees, Kamilche, Karanta, Kozaburo Takahashi, Lady LittleFox, Letterworks Art Studios, MaxStudios.de, Meshbox, MindVision-GDS, Nerd3D, Olivier Vinet, PhilC, Pixelwarrior, Rhiannon, royloo, RuntimeDNA (Colm Jackson, Eric VanDycke, Syyd Raven), Shaderworks (Basil Gass), Sixus1media, VanishingPoint (John Hoagland, Barry Gibson, Ed Wright, Gunpoint-3D, Helgard de Barros, Al Reed, Panos Coliopoulos), Zygote, YURdigital