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Getting Started in 3D with Poser, Part 2

Description: nterested in learning 3D but don't know where to start? Poser is the easy answer. Join Steve Cooper, Poser product manager, in Part 2 of this 1-hour webinar series for beginners. In Part 1, Steve covered some interface basics, showed the library and creation of a basic scene. In Part 2, Steve will show more of the basics that a first time Poser user will want to know and will include:

1. Digging into the included content -- With over 4GB of included content in Poser, there is a lot of stuff to experiment and play with. We'll look into what the library contains and show you how to add new content to the library.

2. Using 3D people in Poser -- We'll explore how to pose and dress both Miki and Tyler and use body controls and morph dials to edit and customize these figures. The same basics will apply to any 3D figure in Poser.

3. Rendering - How to turn a 3D scene into a 2D image.

Presented By: Steve Cooper originally recorded on April 11, 2013.