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How to Import and Render Genesis 3 into Poser 11 - Webinar Replay

Would you like to have the power to Render DAZ Genesis 3 in Poser?

What about rendering Genesis 3 with her EXPRESSIONS and clothing that fits?

WillDial presents a complete guide using his own hand written script which empowers you to do both. It’s a popular script, since there were over 2500 downloads in the first month that it was published at Renderosity!

After sharing his desktop in this live webinar and going over a comprehensive demonstration of the script, WillDial will also provide a focus on typical troubleshooting points. We’ll also have a live Q&A session towards the end of the event. Lululee will also be on hand at the session who has helped Willdial with previous tutorials and assisting him with the project.

Recorded July 2, 2016

Core Content

  1. Ghost bones and weight maps in Genesis 3.

  2. How to export Genesis 3 from Daz Studio

  3. How to load G3 into poser

  4. How to use Willdial’s plugin to correct the expressions

  5. How to export G3 clothing

  6. How to load conforming G3 clothing

  7. How to apply the morphs to G3 clothing

  8. Faster workflow : Use of the library manager 2 + DAZ Studio plugin Semidieu.

  9. Trouble shooting points covered

Why don’t I see G3 or her clothes?

  1. DSON cannot cross runtimes

  2. Importance of the location of the files

  3. DSON Having the correct version of DSON

  4. Why is that weird thing in G3’s neck

  5. Anything else we have found in our trouble shooting

  6. Presented by Willdial and Lululee