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Poser Rigging - Master the Rigging Process with Teyon Alexander - Webinar On-Demand

Have you approached rigging, only to be confused by the options available? Have you got stuck with either weight mapping, standard rigging, ghost bones, bulge maps, joint correction morphs, facial rigging or morphing?

Teyon Alexander who has worked for Smith Micro for over seven years is an expert at Poser rigging and would like to help move you forward with these processes. He’ll demonstrate live with rigging a torso step by step. You’ll learn and make breakthroughs from his experience in this 1.5 hour session.

  1. Weight Mapping as an alternative to standard rigging – the pros and cons.

  2. Benefits and drawbacks to ghost bones.

  3. The benefit of bulge maps and possible ways of using them.

  4. Joint Correction morphs, when to use them and why.

  5. Facial Rigging, drawbacks and benefits.

  6. Facial morphing drawbacks and benefits.