StuffIt Deluxe Windows
StuffIt Deluxe Windows

StuffIt Deluxe Windows

Compression, Backup and File Delivery.

Digital Copy $19.95

StuffIt Deluxe also available on Macintosh

Easily compress and send your files with StuffIt Deluxe® Windows

Compress images (JPEG, TIFFs) audio (MP3s), PDFs, Microsoft® Office documents and PowerPoint® presentations with no quality loss.

Browse and search inside the contents of StuffIt X, Zip, Tar, and RAR archives, including encoded archives, and compressed Tar archives (tarballs).

Schedule an automatic backup routine that sifts through your files and backs up only items that have recently changed.

Select the files you want to send and files are automatically compressed and attached to a new email message.

Open compressed and encoded attachments and file downloads in over 30 different formats.