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StuffIt Engine SDK

StuffIt Engine SDK

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Join the many developers who have already incorporated the power of the StuffIt Engine into their applications. In order to download or license the StuffIt Engine SDK you must fill out our developer form below. You will be sent an email confirmation that will include the url for downloading the SDK.

StuffIt Compression Technologies - Full Integration

The StuffIt Engine SDK provides developers with C interface to incorporate support for creation/encoding, expansion/decoding, as well as browsing and manipulations of archives in 25 supported formats.

The SDK performs five major functions: determining file types based on their contents; creating archives from original files (encoding, stuffing, compressing), re-creating original files from archives (decoding, unstuffing, expanding), manipulating items within existing archives (moving, renaming, deleting archive items, and adding new items), and browsing archives content.

The StuffIt Engine SDK is a cross-platform suite of APIs allowing a client to access the StuffIt Engine for basic compression and expansion as well as more advanced tasks such as manipulation of an archive's contents.

In order for the SDK to be cross platform, certain data types and object representations needed to be abstracted. String and references to file system objects need to be converted from their platform specific types to their respective StuffIt SDK types.

String Ref is the data type used to expose string functionality in the SDK. A StringRef can be created in a number of ways depending on the platform. For instance, a C string or Pascal string may be used to create a StringRef on Windows or Mac OS X, but only the Mac supports creating a StringRef from the native CFString object.

FAn FSObjectRef is the sole way of providing objects to the SDK that represent an item within the file system. Similar to StringRefs, creation of an FSObjectRef varies by platform.

The SDK uses notifications so that the client can provide its own progress user interface as well as other interactions that might require user feedback.

Download or License the StuffIt Engine SDK

Once you've chosen to incorporate the StuffIt Engine into your software, you'll need to license the SDK before distributing your software. Our Developer Sales Team will be happy to work with you on a license that fits your needs.

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