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Installing Items from the Poser 5 Content CD

For Poser 5

Many people have asked what is contained in the Content CD- and how to get to it. Here's the answer...Poser 5's Content CD, while it isn't essential to installing or running the program, has some useful items for those trying to spice up their Poser scenes. Also, the process of installing library items from the Content CD illustrates how to manage and install other third-party items from vendors like RuntimeDNA and Renderosity.

To get started, let's load the Content CD into the CD drive. Depending on your operating system, you'll either see a browser window with the CD index interface, or you'll see the CD open up in a new window. If you already see the image shown below, skip to that section. Otherwise, double-click the Index.html file to launch your default Web browser (the Content CD interface is Web-based, although you don't need an Internet connection to use the CD) and open up the Index screen shown here-

Now, you can hover your mouse cursor over the various buttons shown, and menus will drop down. We'll select Themes- Medieval and click on it.

A new window opens up with all the medieval theme props presented on one page. For purposes of this tutorial, let's install the Medieval Goblets. Click the Download button as shown.

That should save a ZIP-compressed file to your desktop, or to wherever you have your browser set to save downloaded files. The browser may prompt you for a location to save the file- if it does, choose the desktop as that makes the file easy to find. Once the archive is on the desktop, we'll open it up and extract the Runtime folder and ReadMe document that it contains. The results are as shown, depending on your system-


If we open up that new Runtime folder, we'll see that it has additional folders in a hierarchy as shown here-

Now, the contents of this Runtime folder need to be placed into one of two places- either into Poser's main Runtime folder, which can be found inside the Poser 5 folder, or in the secondary Runtime folder, which can be found in the Downloads folder inside the Poser 5 folder. However, in order for Poser's library system to be able to read the files properly, the directory paths to the various files should match those provided in the little Runtime folder- so the Chalice1.pp2 file, for example, should be inside the P5 Content folder, which should be inside the Props folder in the libraries folder inside the Runtime folder. For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll use the Runtime folder inside the Downloads folder, as there will be fewer items in it and thus it's less confusing. In general this is a good place to put aftermarket props and other items, although some third-party Poser figures need to be installed to the main Runtime in order to function properly.

To install these files to the proper place, we need to move the whole folder hierarchy into one or the other Runtime. On Windows machines this is fairly easy- you select the Runtime folder, right-click on it and choose Copy (or Cut), then navigate down to the Poser 5 folder and Paste the Runtime into either the Downloads folder or the Poser 5 folder itself. Windows will give you a dialog box as shown-

- to which you respond Yes to All, since otherwise the files won't get installed. Windows takes care of the details and merges the contents of the folders.

If you're working on a Mac, you don't have that option, unfortunately; the Mac OS doesn't have a folder merge function. To properly install files on a Mac, we'll have to place them by hand. Fortunately, the Downloads/Runtime folder is fairly sparse, so it's pretty straightforward. Just move the P5 Content folder into the Runtime:libraries:props folder, and the VisualSilence folder into the Runtime:textures folder (or, if there isn't a textures folder, you can move the textures folder containing the VisualSilence folder into the Runtime.) Use this as a guide-

Once the folders are in place, you can launch Poser and check to see if the props were installed properly. Click the Props button on the library palette (on the right-hand side of the screen) and double-click the little folder with the up arrow until you see the Runtime and Downloads folders. Since you've most likely been browsing in the main Poser 5 folder, that folder will have a red ball next to it. Double-click the Downloads folder, then the P5 Content folder to reveal the goblets, as shown-

And there you have it- that's how to install items from the Content CD and other sources.

For more information on Poser's library structure, you can visit the following pages-