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Managing Your Runtimes to Increase Performance

For Poser 5 through 7

As your collection of third-party Poser content grows, it can cause Poser to take a long time to launch, or to become unstable. Here's one user's solution (thanks and kudos to Jay Koelzer)-Large content runtime folders and bloated !DAZ injection files have caused many a Poser 5 application to slow to a crawl or crash altogether. Whether the problem was the overload of pz2 files in the "Pose" folder or the multitude of injection files for different DAZ characters the result was frequently an unstable situation. One overlooked configuration for managing this content offers not only stability but also speed advantages. The solution is to utilize Poser 5's "Downloads" folder.

To summarize, a clean install of the Poser 5 application is needed. (This includes all updates before adding content.) Then the !DAZ object, character, injection and pz2 files are loaded in the main runtime. Finally, all other content is loaded in the runtime configuration of the "Downloads" folder in Poser 5.

Step 1- Clean install of Poser 5 application. After installation install any updates to the application files.

Step 2- Install all !DAZ object, character, injection and pz2 files in the main Poser runtime. When the installers for DAZ "3" version characters are run in their default settings, a "DAZPeople" file will be created in your main Poser 5 Runtime/Geometries folder for the object files. A"!DAZ" folder will be created in the Runtime/libraries folder for the injection files and a "DAZ People" folder will be created in the Runtime/libraries/character folder for the cr2 files. Finally, the pz2 injection files are loaded in the Runtime/libraries/Pose folder. These files are named for their corresponding characters, (i.e. !M3, !V3 etc.) In loading base DAZ "3" version characters this configuration needs to be followed or the characters will not find their corresponding files and you'll be in for a big headache.

Step 3- Locate the "Downloads" folder near the top of the Poser 5 file structure. Open it up and you'll find a "runtime" folder...is this looking familiar? Load all the rest of your content here in the same configuration you normally would in their respective folders. That includes all the rest of the pz2 files and all texture files.

Step 4- Next, go into Poser 5's general preferences, Poser5/Edit/General Preferences and activate the panel for "Launch to Preferred State" then click the "set preferred state" button. Finally, activate "the launch to previous state" button.

When Poser 5 opens up you will see the normal library configuration on the right hand side of the workspace. After navigating to the top directory folder under each heading, say "Figures" for example, you will find two content folders. This is where in other configurations you would find your multiple runtimes. The top folder is "Poser 5" and the next folder is "Downloads."

This "Downloads" folder may be used as the main content runtime. When saving a character or prop they can be placed in this folder in the respective file. One quirk of this technique of putting the majority of your content in the "Download" folder is that when you are done with Poser you need to exit from, (or have that red dot on,) the Poser 5 folder in any of the library categories. (If you exit Poser 5 while in the download folder you need to delete two specific files under Runtime/prefs, the Poser Prefs file and the LibraryPrefs.xml file to get Poser 5 to run without crashing when you reload.)

Jay Koelzer


portfolio www.jkoelzer.com