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Q&A- How can you make a regular heptagon?

For use with Shade 7 designer LE, standard and professional

Test your Shade smarts by creating a regular 7-sided polygon without using scripts, plugins, or a calculator.

Can you figure it out?

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Start by creating a disk.

Next, extrude the disk. The length of the extrusion is irrelevant.

Now click the Convert button in the Toolbox to convert the shape to a curved surface. Two closed line objects are also created in the Browser below the curved surface. You won't need these closed lines, so go ahead and delete them now.

This next step is the key: With the curved surface selected in the Browser, click the Convert button once more, this time while holding down the [Option] key (Mac) or [Ctrl] key (Win). The [Convert to Pseudo Polygons] dialog box appears. Enter "1" for Lateral Division, and "7" for Longitudinal Division.

Voila! A perfect heptagonal solid is created.

Finally, move one of the closed lines (the one you want to use) outside of "Part", and delete "Part". The heptagon is complete.

What's a Pseudo Polygon Mesh?

It's basically a polygon mesh made from a curved surface. A pseudo polygon mesh has control points, which can be modified using the tangent handles just like a curved surface.

For more on pseudo polygon meshes, refer to the Shade 7 User Guide.