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Mirror Copies of Curved Surfaces

Make symmetrical objects!

While you can't select an entire curved surface and perform a Mirror Copy operation on it, you can achieve the same result by doing a regular Copy>Translate, translating the new copy over just a small amount, then selecting the Object Info tool in the Aggregate palette, clicking on the Matrix tab and entering -1 in either the X, Y or Z field (I used the X field as shown); Shade will then convert the copy into one that has been mirrored on the chosen axis.

This is very useful for creating symmetrical clothing, automobile fenders, etc.- any time you need a mirror copy of a curved surface. Be aware though if you're going to export the object that the reversed copy will be "inside-out", requiring you to flip the normals to make them correspond with those of the original item. To flip normals on a curved surface, ensure that you're not in Modify Control Points mode, then select the relevant item in the Browser and check the Flip Face box to the right of its Browser entry.