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Use MagicalSketch to Edit Shade Objects

Create complex meshes quickly!It's easy to use MagicalSketch to create new mesh objects for use in Shade, but a little-known feature of Shade is its ability to bring existing objects into MagicalSketch for editing.

This trick works with spheres and extruded or revolved closed-line figures; it won't work with 2D objects, curved-surface objects, metapolygon objects or polygon-mesh objects.

First, create a sphere or extruded or revolved object. Then, with that object selected, from the Tools menu select Custom Info>MagicalSketch attributes, and lo and behold, the object will appear in the MagicalSketch palette.

You can then use the MagicalSketch tools to modify it- cut pieces off, extrude parts, draw and colorize on the surface-

- and when you're done, click OK to bring the modified object back into Shade as a polygon mesh.