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Shade's TextEffector Tool

Generate Cool Text Effects Easily!

Shade's TextEffector can easily create three-dimensional text that can then be exported, animated, or composited into your scenes.

But the TextEffector has a feature that is easily overlooked- its bevel settings can be manipulated to create a number of interesting text effects. Even the TextEffector Lite allows you to fine-tune the bevel settings to produce effects like this-

To get this effect, you open TextEffector and enter the text you want, then click the Set... button below the Bevel checkbox.

This gives you a view along the top of the text, with the front bevel on the left and the rear bevel on the right.

You can manipulate the curves of this bevel to produce inset text, bulging letters, all kinds of interesting effects.

Note- the TextEffector Lite tool, which ships with Shade 7 designer LE, can only generate text as curved surfaces and won't allow as much manipulation of the text bevels as the full TextEffector tool in the standard and professional versions of Shade.