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Export Double-Sided Polygons

Avoid "inside-out" geometry by exporting double-sided items!Many items in the Shade content collections are optimized for use within Shade. When you export to OBJ for use in Poser or other applications, Shade may include unwanted geometry that's used within Shade for Boolean rendering operations. To clean up your files for export, select the object you want to export and perform a Boolean operation on it (Tools>Create>Boolean Modeling...); this will resolve the geometry issues but may create a polygon mesh for which some normals are flipped (i.e. parts of the geometry will be "inside-out".) Resolving this by flipping normals on polymesh items can be tedious; you can avoid problems more easily by checking the Create Double Sided Faces (Polygons) option when you export to OBJ. This will create polygons for which both sides have surfaces defined.

To see whether items have flipped normals, right-click (or Control-click on Mac) in the Perspective window and choose Single-Sided from the Display section. You can also choose Show Normals from the Modify menu.