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Beveling Edges In Shade

For all versions of Shade 7 and Shade 8

Shade's Bevel and Radius tools let you smooth off edges- here's how!Shade's Bevel and Radius tools allow you to create smooth corners on objects- but using these tools requires that you do things in the right order. Here's how-

To begin, let's create an Open Line and extrude it, to create a stair-step shape as shown-

Now, to use the Bevel operation, we need to have a Curved Surface to work on- Shade won't apply bevels to edges of extrusions, it requires curved surfaces. Thus, we'll click the Convert icon on the Tool palette to change our extrusion into a Curved Surface.

With the Curved Surface in place, we need to select the edge that we want to bevel- Shade allows us to open up the Curved Surface and select the splines that control its shape, but we may need to choose Modify>Switch to get the right line segment.

Now, we select the proper line segment and choose Modify>Beveled Edge; Shade prompts us to enter the radius for the bevel (higher numbers give a broader, flatter surface) as shown-

Note that there are still a couple of Open Lines remaining from our original extrusion- these can be deleted at any point as they're just in the way. If we have extruded a Closed Line segment and converted it to a Curved Surface, these "leftover" Closed Line segments form the "end-caps" of the Curved Surface, and we might not want to delete them, but the Open Line segments are disposable.

This same process can be used to produce a radiused edge; as shown below we now have our final result- a simple shape with a beveled edge.