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Getting Started With Manga Studio – Pasting Computones

Learn more about Pasting Computones in Manga Studio EX!Pasting Computones (Manga Studio EX)

Let's apply a Computone to the eyes of this simple face. Computones can only be applied to vector layers, so be sure you are working on a vector layer.

The Magic Wand tool is useful for selecting contiguous areas of a drawing, such as the whites of this character's eyes.

However, if you click the white area of the character's right eye with the Magic Wand tool the entire white area of the canvas gets selected because there's a small gap.

Luckily the Magic Wand tool has a useful Close Path feature, which will ignore gaps smaller than the specified tolerance. With the Magic Wand tool selected from the Tools palette, check the Close Path checkbox on the Tool Options palette.

Now click inside the right eye. The selection marquee is confined to the eye. To add a second area to the selection, hold down the Shift key while clicking inside the other eye.

To paste a Computone, choose Filter > Computones > Tone from the menu.

The Computones dialog contains a preview window, a toolbox, Tone Settings, and a tone browser that shows the installed Computones with thumbnails. Each installed "ToneSet" or resolution is available from the drop-down menu above the tone browser.

Note: If you haven't already installed Computones you will need to run the installer for each resolution (300 dpi, 600 dpi, etc.) of tones that you wish to use.

Here I chose the "Sand 35 Line 5%" tone from the 600 dpi toneset.

You can move, rotate, and scale tones using the tools in the toolbox and clicking and dragging in the preview window. Monochrome binary tones cannot be scaled. Click OK to apply the tone, and you're done!