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Getting Started with Manga Studio - Adding Effect Lines

Learn how to use effect lines to express action, motion, moods, and more with Manga Studio.

Effect lines are used in manga and comics to express action, motion, moods, and more. Speed lines are usually parallel straight or curved lines, while Focus lines are usually drawn outward from a center point like a starburst. By combining Focus Lines with Speed Lines and other effects, you can bring real drama and action to your illustrations.

Before adding new elements to your drawing it is a good idea to begin a new layer, allowing you to edit the new element easily and independently later. Effect lines must be added to raster layers, so create a new raster layer by choosing Layer > New Layer from the menu. Rename the layer to something descriptive and then click OK to accept the other default settings.

Choose Filter > Render > Focus Lines (EX) or Filter > Focus Lines (Debut). Adjust the settings similar to below, or change them to achieve the effect you are looking for. Adding randomness to the length, width, angle and shift values will make the effect look more realistic. In Manga Studio EX, you can select a preset option from the Settings drop-down menu for fast results.

To change the shape of the center whitespace (the shape around which the Focus lines are drawn), click the oval icon at the top of the Focus Lines palette and click and drag the oval shape in the Page window.

Alternatively, choose Filter > Render > Speed Lines (EX) or Filter > Speed Lines (Debut), and adjust the settings to your liking

Click OK to add the effect lines to the current layer. Use the Move Layer tool from the Tools palette to position the lines where you want them in your comic. Finished!