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Using the Spiral Line Tool

Make spiral line segments!Using Shade's Spiral Line Tool

To use the Spiral Line tool properly, start by creating an open line (Tools>Create>Open Line) which will serve as the axis around which the spiral will twist. This line can be straight, bent, curved- it doesn't matter. You can even wrap a spiral around another spiral!

Then, with the line selected in the Browser, choose Tools>Create>Spiral Line...; a dialog will appear-

- which allows you to define how tight the spiral will be (number of rotations), how to subdivide the segments of the spiral, whether and how much to offset the start of the spiral, etc. Choose the values you wish to use, and click OK; Shade will then display a second dialog as shown-

- allowing you to set the radius of the spiral along the axis, at start and finish (so you can taper your spiral as it proceeds along.)

Clicking OK here will produce the final spiral, which is another open line wrapped around the original line as shown-

- and there it is. You can use this spiral to sweep a closed line, to start a curved surface, or as a guide to create an even more complex spiral- it's up to you.