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Serializing and Activating VirtualFashion Basic for Poser

For use with Poser 5 and Poser 6

Virtual Fashion allows Poser users to create custom dynamic cloth garments easily and quickly- in fact, the most difficult part of the application for most is the activation process. Here's how to get through it- After placing your order at or and downloading the software, you'll need to register it on the , here-


On this site you'll need to create a Virtual Fashion user account with name, email address and password, and enter the serial number that you received with your copy of Virtual Fashion as shown below-

This will allow you to receive an activation code for your copy of Virtual Fashion. The activation code will be emailed to the address you provide, and to activate Virtual Fashion you'll need to launch the program, click the Resource Manager button, then click Register and enter your activation code, Virtual Fashion user name and password as shown below-

- this will fully activate the program.

For this process to work properly the computer on which you have Virtual Fashion installed must be connected to the Internet, at least until VF is activated. Unfortunately Virtual Fashion cannot be activated by mail, phone or other offline method.

To activate additional copies of Virtual Fashion (up to 4 may be active at one time), first be sure no other copies that you own are running, then install and launch VF, click the Resource Manager button and then, in the Resource Manager, the Reinstall button (the one farthest to the right); you'll be prompted for your account and password as before- and again, you'll need this machine to be connected to the Internet.