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Import Poser Files

Use PoserFusion to import animated Poser scenes!To bring a Poser scene into Shade for rendering or editing, first set the scene up in Poser, and save it as a PZ3.

Exit or hide Poser and launch Shade. If you haven't used PoserFusion before, you can find it in Shade's View menu; the PoserFusion palette will appear. Before using it to import a Poser scene, you'll need to tell PoserFusion where the Poser application is installed; to do this, click the Poser button and navigate to the folder containing the Poser application.

Once PoserFusion knows where the Poser application is located, you can proceed to import your Poser scene by clicking the Open button on the PoserFusion palette and using the dialog to select the PZ3 you saved.

That will import all the components of the Poser scene as a single structured part-

- and if you use the Info button on the Aggregate palette you'll get a timeline slider which allows you to see any animation that you've created in the Poser scene.

You can then use Shade to edit the mesh or render the scene as a still image or a movie (see for details on movie renders.)