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Using the Poser 7 Content Exporter with Adobe® Photoshop® CS3

This tutorial guides you through the steps in preparing Poser content for the 3D layer in CS3 Extended in OBJ format.

Poser® 7 Content Exporter

For use with Adobe® Photoshop® CS3

This exporter is designed to prepare Poser content for the 3D layer in CS3 Extended in OBJ format.

To get started please install Poser 7 and download the Poser 7 Content Exporter, as well as the HighResPoser7Box Content zip from .

1. Launch Poser and delete the default SimonG2 figure by clicking anywhere on the figure and then hitting the delete key. It will take a second or two as Poser caches the figure into the Undo buffer.

2. From the Poser File menu select Import>Wavefront OBJ, and when the import dialogue appears select the option "Place on Floor". Leave all other options as they are and click OK. The Open dialogue will appear. Browse to where you placed the HighResPoser7Box you downloaded and open the HiResP7Box.obj.

After you open(Import) the HighResPoser7Box.obj your Poser scene should look similar to this:

NOTE: The Poser 7 3D Box template you have imported is already set up for use with the CS3 extended layer. Most Poser content can be used immediately, however there are some inconsistencies in OBJ importers and exporters throughout the industry, so use of this particular exporter ensures that the content will appear in your Adobe® Photoshop® document correctly.

3. Turn off the Ground Plane. The Ground Plane is the object that looks like white squares that the Box is sitting on. This is geometry and will be exported if not hidden. To hide go to the Poser 7 Display menu and select Guides>and Uncheck the Ground Plane item.

4. Export the object. Click on the HighResPoser7Box to select it, and from the Scripts menu select > CS3 OBJ Exporter. Save in the location and name of your choice.

5. Import into Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 Extended by creating a new file. From the Layer menu select 3DLayers>New 3D Layer From File. Browse to and Open the HighResPoser7Box.obj or the obj you just exported. Your Photoshop® document should look similar to this:

The object is now ready for use and can be manipulated in several ways. To Change the lighting and place the object you must select the 3D Layer from the layers menu. You will also see the Image layer under the 3D Layer that contains the texture map for this object. It can be painted on.

To Change the location, rotation, lighting, or display mode of the image, from the Layer menu select>3DLayer>Transform 3D Model.