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Use Sounds In Shade Animations

Add dynamic, 'moving' sound to your animations!Shade actually provides excellent handling of sound in its animations- multiple sounds can be brought in and attached to 'objects' in Shade; these objects can then be animated to provide 'movement' for the sounds (which is relevant only when rendering the animation out with stereo sound, but it's a nice touch.)

To create a 'sound object' and attach a sound to it, choose Create>Sound Object from Shade's Tools palette (or menu.)

Click and drag in the scene to place and set the size of the sound object- a dialog will appear prompting you to locate a sound file. Choose the sound (any WAV or AIFF should work well) and you'll see the new sound in your scene-

The sound can be animated by placing it into a Slider or Rotator along with the Shade item it's associated with (if you want the sound to 'come from' a particular object, rather than simply being present in the scene.) As the item in the Slider or Rotator is moved, the sound will move along with it.

For instructions on using Shade's animation tools, see .

Once your sound(s) are in the scene, be sure they're properly set up in the Motion palette- the sound will loop if it's shorter than the scene, so you may need to trim it. The Motion palette allows you to control the volume of the sound over time.

Now, when it comes time to render out your movie (Rendering>Make Animation), the main thing to ensure is that the sound object is selected in the Browser as an item to render- just like anything else in Shade, if it isn't selected, it won't get rendered.