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Close the ends of Curved Surface objects

Create high-quality 'editable' end surfaces!Here's how to close off the top and bottom of a Curved Surface shape. The example I provide is very simple but the principle can be extended to more complex shapes.

1. Create a shape by combining Closed Line profiles into a Curved Surface part, as shown (note that the ends are open, making the shape hollow)-

2. In the Browser, select the Closed Line profile making up one end of the shape, and create a duplicate of that Closed Line, by Shift-Z-clicking on it in the Side or Top view (or Shift-Option-click on Mac.) Don't drag the new Closed Line anywhere, just leave it on top of the original.

3. Select the 'endmost' Closed Line and choose Modify>Degenerate to Point from the Tools menu (or the Modify tool.) This pinches the shape inward, drawing the surface in to the center to give the shape a 'top' surface.

4. Repeat (2) and (3) to do the same to the other end, to form the 'bottom' of the shape.

5. Now if necessary you can Modify>Switch to select one of the Open Lines running through the control points, and add additional control points (as to 'fine-tune' the shape.