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Creating A Custom Color Swatch In Anime Studio

for Anime Studio and Anime Studio Pro

Anime Studio's color swatches are a convenient way to keep your colors consistent- here's how to create your own! Managing Color In Anime Studio

Creating a movie in Anime Studio can be a lot of fun- but it's often a lot of work as well, and there are many things to consider in order to ensure that your film looks as good as possible.

One thing that gives a film a professional look is consistent use of color. Having a well-considered color palette can really set the mood of the animation, and using specific colors also helps define the 'feel' of particular characters and scenes. Many professional animators spend some time early in the project determining which colors they'll use for specific scenes, effects, and for the movie overall.

Anime Studio allows you to set up your own color palettes- it's as easy as creating new PNG files that have the colors you want to use, then saving them into the swatches folder, inside the Anime Studio (or Anime Studio Pro) folder.

In Photoshop, or any program that lets you save out PNG files, create a new document. You'll need to save it out at a size of 177x111 pixels, so don't start out too big or you'll risk losing too much information when you scale it down- 320x200 is a good size to start with.

Now it's time to add some colors. Depending on the effect you're going for, you can use all kinds of techniques for adding colors to your new swatch- anything from importing an image (useful if you're matching existing artwork that'll be used in the project) to creating many little squares and filling them with the exact colors you want to use (for those cases when you want to use particular colors.) In this case I'm using two methods, importing and scaling a photo in one half of the swatch and creating some squares containing specific colors in the other half.

Now it's time to flatten and save the image as a PNG; I may want to edit this swatch at some point, so I'll save a copy as a PNG, preserving the original with its layers intact. Next, it's time to resize the PNG to 177x111 pixels, to fit Anime Studio's swatch size constraints. Finally, I'll move the new swatch into Anime Studio's swatches folder-

- and the next time I launch Anime Studio, it'll be there, ready for me to use.