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Using PoserFusion to export a camera pose from Maya

For Poser Pro, or Poser 7 with PoserFusion, and Maya 9 or 2008

The Maya version of PoserFusion allows you to export a camera pose back from Maya to Poser- here's how to do it....Exporting a camera pose from Maya back to Poser can be done by first selecting the camera and the Poser figure (using the Selection tool), then invoking the Camera Export routine by clicking the button as shown-

Clicking the Export Camera Pose button will save the camera path as a Poser CM2 file, to the default Runtime folder's Cameras Library folder.

There are two things that can complicate this process. Either (a) more than one figure may be selected- for example, if the Poser figure has a conforming item attached, like clothing- or (b) the Runtime you wish to save your camera pose into, may differ from the standard

If you click in the field of the Export Camera Pose dialog, you can append after the ./ and simply type in the rest of the path (using the POSIX path format, with slashes- / - between directory levels) to save out the .cm2

For example, on Windows, your destination path is:

C:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser\Runtime\Libraries\Camera\Camera Sets (note that this is the DOS path)

if the top of the directory is Program Files, you can type in or copy/paste

./Smith Micro/Poser/Runtime/Libraries/Camera/Camera Sets/ExportCamera.cm2

Note: If you copy and paste the DOS path, it's best to change it to POSIX.

ExportCamera.cm2 is the name assigned to the new camera pose- you can use a different name if you like.

if the top of the directory is My Computer, you can type in or copy/paste

C:\Program Files/Smith Micro/Poser/Runtime/Libraries/Camera/Camera Sets/ExportCamera.cm2

In any case, if the script is successful, the Script Editor will report:

mpzExportCamera -c camera1 -f "C:/Program Files/Smith Micro/Poser/Runtime/Libraries/Camera/Camera Sets/camera1.cm2" -s 8;

// mpzExportCamera command executed!


if not, as expected it reports:

// Error: Could not open file for writing: