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Using Poser 7's Animation Layers to Create a High-Heeled Walk Pose

For Poser 7

This tutorial shows how to use Poser 7's Animation Layers feature to allow a figure to walk in high heels- a feature not directly available in Walk Designer.Poser's Walk Designer is a very useful tool; it can save a great deal of time when creating an animation. However, there are a couple of situations where Walk Designer needs a little help. In this tutorial we'll use Poser 7's Animation Layers feature to blend a pose into an entire walk, in three steps.

Start by bringing in a figure. For this tutorial we'll use the default Poser 7 figure Sydney, but this process works for any figure for whom a High Heel pose is available. You can even take a few minutes and set up a high-heel pose for your figure yourself, if you can't find one already made.

For this tutorial (not that we see all of it) I've added a and a skirt from the , and most importantly a pair of high heels from the Poser 7 Special Edition bundle.

It's pretty obvious that by default Sydney's feet are not positioned to use the heels properly-

- but the Special Edition bundle includes a pose to correct the foot positioning, as shown here-

This works very well for still poses, but creating an animation and applying the Walk Designer creates a whole new set of keyframes, overwriting the corrected pose and giving us 'heels through the floor' again as shown-

In Poser 6 and earlier, the only way to fix this was a painstaking process of applying the High Heel pose to every keyframe in the animation- a daunting prospect. Poser 7's animation layers however give us an easy way to get our figure back on her feet, so to speak.


Start by bringing up the Animation palette as shown-


In the Animation palette, click the Layers tab and then create a new layer as shown below. Name the new layer if you like- I find that helps me keep track of what's going on in the animation.


With the new layer in place (and remember, this new layer must be located above the layer on which the Walk Designer keyframes are saved) and with its Composite Method set to Add we can go to frame #1 and apply the High Heels pose there. Now we go to the last frame of the walk and apply the High Heels pose again. Now, do a quick test render of the scene, using the Preview engine, and verify that the walk looks right- you may need to go back to the walk layer, delete the existing walk keyframes and redo the walk in Walk Designer, with a bit more Leg Lift, to keep Sydney from dragging her feet. But the results should be pretty good-

And there you have it- walking in heels in three easy steps!