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Making Curly Side-Parted Hair

For use with Poser 5 and Poser 6

In this tutorial, Mary Dell shows us how to make a curly, side-parted hair style for your Poser figure.

First, load the model you want to grow hair on. I'm using Stephanie from but this method works just as well on Judy or any other human model.

TIP: -->As with everything you do on a computer, be sure to save your work every few steps.

1. After you have your model posed the way you want her in the posing room, select the head of the model.

2. Switch to the face camera and back off a little so you have a good head & shoulders view.

3. Go to the hair room.

4. Pick up the grouping tool. For this hair, I'm just creating two groups--one for the main scalp and one for the front by the hairline.

6. In the grouping tool window, click "new group" and name it "back_hair."

5. Start by selecting a bunch of faces for the scalp, turning the camera to get everything. Try to select a neat section from just in front of her crown to the nape of her neck. (The "select" tool is on by default when you open the grouping tool.) You can select by marquee-dragging or by clicking on individual facets. The selected parts will turn red.

TIP: -->If you switch your view to wireframe instead of solid, you can see all the lines, which makes precise selection easier.

6. Switch to the "deselect" tool (that's the little button with the minus sign) and highlight the ears and any other parts you may have included accidentally. You can go back and forth between the select and deselect tools until you have exactly the selection you want.

7. Click "new group" again and name it "front_hair."

8. Select from the crown forward to the hairline. Don't worry if you overlap a little with the 'back_hair" group; we'll fix that in a minute. Concentrate on getting the front of the hairline the way you want it.

9. Once you have the group set the way you want it, click "remove group" and select "back_hair" from the list. That should clean away any overlapping polygons.

10. Exit the grouping tool and go back into the main hair window.

11. Click "new growth group" in the top left corner and name it "back_hair."

12. Click "edit growth group" and when the grouping tool pops up click "add group" in that window. Select "back_hair" from the list and close the grouping tool.

13. Repeat steps 11 &12 for the "front_hair" group.

14. Select the "back_hair" growth group and click "grow guide hairs."

17. To get the pictured results, set the dials as shown here. You can change these values to get different results. Don't worry about the color right now; we'll address that later.

18. Click "show populated" and turn the camera around to make sure you like what you've got.

19. Repeat steps 16&17 for the "front_hair" growth group, using the values shown here.

20. The front hair needs to be styled to achieve the pictured results. Turn the camera to a front view and click the "style" button.

21. Select the right-hand third of the guide hairs and use the xy translate tool to tug them downward until they more or less lay flat.

22. Click "clear selection" and do the same thing on the other side of the head.

23. Clear the selection and imagine a "part" on the left side of her head. Select the hairs on the left side of the part.

24. Alternating between a front and side view, tug the hairs with the xy translate tool over to the left side of the model's forehead.

25. Clear the selection and select the remaining hairs (on the right side of the "part")

26. Alternating between a front and side view, tug the hairs with the xy translate tool over to the right side of the model's forehead.

27. If you like, switch to the twist tool and adjust the hairs until they're twisted together somewhat.

28. Click "show populated" and turn the camera around to make sure you like the look.

29. Go to the materials tab and change the colors of the hair to whatever you like. The new hair color might not show in the display window but it will render the way you set it.

30. Now you're ready to render!