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Node by Node Vol. 1 Color Ramp

For use with Poser 7 a well as Posers 5 or 6

One Node at a time, what they are, what they can do. This issue covers the Color Ramp Node.Node by Node by Eric VanDycke

The Color ramp is a powerfull node for mixing colors (4 of them) based on Greyscale input. It is found under NewNode-->Math-->colorramp

A Quick Look:

A quick look at the node shows 4 color sockets and an input socket. The default pops in with a series of 4 colors picked (Dk Red to White) and an imput value of 1. If you look at the preview you will see an all white image.

The Layman's Terms:

Basically what this does is take the four colors you provide and applies them to a greyscale map that you provide through the input socket. For example, lets drop a basic Wood node into the input socket: (I changed the colors on the wood node to black and white)

Or how about an Image Map Node?

Or a Fractal Sum Node?

Or a Noise Node?

The Thing to keep in mind is that what is Black on your input node's image will be color 1 what is white will be color 4, and greys will be blended between 1 and 4, encompassing colors 2 and 3.

So what Can Be Done With it?

Well.... lots. This series is designed to show you the basic building blocks (and later how to use them together for complex effects) so the what is up to you. Here are two examples I quickly put together:

Example 1 - Tech Tile

I took the image map node used above and tiled it U Value 0.5 x V Value 0.5 . Changed the color ramp colors, and then linked the color ramp node to the bump. Render and you get a tech looking surface.

Example 2 - Hot Neon

Using the same image map, back to U = 1 and V = 1. I changed the colors again and linked them to: Ambient Value, Ambient Color, Made the Ambient color white and the value 1. I also applied it to the Displacement socket at 0.2 value. Render and you get Hot Neon.

This is a great node if you want to add color to the colorless 3D Texture Nodes: Noise, Fractal_Sum, Turbulance, etc. Or if you want to add some color to a greyscale texture map.

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