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Scheduling Tasks in Internet Cleanup

The Schedule tool lets you create and manage custom Internet Cleanup tasks to be performed at specified times. Running tasks on a schedule can save time and effort, and significantly improve the performance of your Mac.

Scheduled tasks do not execute if you are not logged in, or if your Mac is asleep or turned off.

It is a good idea to schedule a group of tasks to execute at the same time. Internet Cleanup launches once and executes the task in the order you created them. (When a task is running, the Internet Cleanup icon appears in the Dock indicating that Internet Cleanup is operating in the background.)

NOTE: Before mailing from Schedule will work, at least one Apple Mail account must be configured for the user login running scheduled task. This includes saving the Mail password in Keychain. If you are having Mail prompt for a password, notification will not work. If you normally don't use Apple Mail, an account must still be set up, but it can be disabled and mailing from Schedule will still work.

bullet To add a task to the schedule, click the + button in the lower left corner. The Task Editing window appears.

bullet To delete a task from the schedule, click the - button in the lower right corner.

bullet To modify a task on the schedule, double click on it.

bullet To disable a task on the schedule, uncheck the Enabled option.

The Show Activity Log button displays a list of tasks Schedule has completed.

schedule image

Running missed tasks:

Occasionally you may have a missed scheduled task. Schedule can help you run these missed tasks automatically.

1. You can choose to have Schedule run missed tasks automatically when you customize your criteria for each task.

2. Click on the drop down menu titled If missed:. You will have several options for running a missed task, select the one that best suits you.

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