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Using Simple File Hider

Hide any of your files or folders with one click with Simple File Hider. Simple File Hider is a file management tool designed to protect your privacy by hiding any file or folder of your choice from other users who may be snooping around your files. Hide or Reveal your files quickly and easily with your security password. This password is required every time you launch Simple File Hider. After that, as long as the application is running, a password is not required. If you close out Simple File Hider, the next launch will require your password again. Rest assured that your most confidential files are for your eyes only - and no one else.

NOTE: While running Simple File Hider under OS X 10.4 Tiger, the actual hiding of files may be delayed until the user logs out and logs back in again. Under OS X 10.5 Leopard however, hiding happens almost immediately.

Hiding your files:

  1. Files can be dragged and dropped from the item browser to the hidden list to hide them, or they can be selected and click the "Hide" button to hide them. Alternatively, they can be dragged from the Finder to the hidden items list to hide them.
  2. Files are revealed again by selecting them in the hidden files list and clicking the "Reveal" button. There is no drag and drop from the hidden files list back to the browser
  3. For more advanced settings, click on the Advanced Settings button to edit them.

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