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Using Poser File Finder

Poser is a 3D modeling and animation software developed by Smith Micro Software. Poser provides the easiest way to design and animate the human form in 3D. Create stunning and realistic human characters with different high resolution 3D content. We support Poser 7 (and newer) and Poser Pro products. For more information regarding Poser products, please visit the Smith Micro website.


Poser File Finder lets you identify and manage Poser data files on your Mac. Poser projects generally contain hundreds of reference files that are tied to each project such as scenes, figures, poses, and lighting files. These data files can be collected and scattered on your system as you create and develop Poser projects. With Poser File Finder you can search for specific data files that are contained within projects, so if you only want to search for available shaders, cameras, or props on your system you can. In addition to searching for Poser files, we have a new Action, the Add to Poser Library Action, which will add these files directly into the Poser Runtime Library for quick editing.

Poser Scripting

Poser File Finder includes a pre-made script called collectSceneForSpringCleaning, which is a PoserPython script similar to the standard Poser collectSceneInventory script that Poser users may be familiar with. The collectSceneForSpringCleaning script can take the scene inventory files and send them to Spring Cleaning for further processing. You can take the following Actions once the files are in Spring Cleaning:

  • Duplicate to Disk Image
  • Duplicate to Folder
  • Duplicate to StuffIt Archive
  • Stuff and Mail

The collectSceneForSpringCleaning script simplifies the search for scene inventory and subsequent Actions such as archiving it for offline storage or instant delivery by email to another user. With the use of this script, a string of Poser functions can be automatically tied together to perform tasks in minutes. Using scripts such as these and more, allows you to take advantage of the scripting functionality in both Poser and Spring Cleaning to improve your workflow.

Finding Poser data files:

  1. From the Find Files and Folders category, select Find multimedia files. Then choose Find Poser data files. The Poser File Finder window will open.
  2. Choose a location for the search. (You can use the Exclusions tool in the tool bar to specify which locations Poser File Finder should search.)
  3. Choose the type of Poser data files you would like to search for.
  4. Choose additional search options:
  • Ignore Files in active Poser runtime libraries: With this option enabled, Poser File Finder will check if a Poser data file is in a library or not. If it is not in a library, it will display in your results list. This setting is useful to help find files that are not in a library yet but may need to be added to one or cleaned.
  • Include preview files: If this option is enabled, Poser File Finder will return associated PNG files with its respective data files in the results.
  1. Optionally, apply a Search Filter by checking the Apply Search Filter box. Then click the Specify Search Filter button to choose conditions for a Search Filter.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Once you have your search results and have located the files you are looking for, use the Add to Poser Library Action to insert the selected files directly into Poser. You can also perform any of the other available Actions listed on the Actions Menu on your selected items.

Advanced Settings

To configure advanced settings for the Poser File Finder, click the Advanced Settings tool in the tool bar. The following settings are available:


  • Primary Poser application: In order to properly analyze and interpret some Poser data, Spring Cleaning must know where the primary Poser application is located on your Mac. This would be your primary Poser application that you mainly use, where you develop your content.
  • Location of Poser Runtime Libraries: Spring Cleaning needs to know where the Poser runtime libraries are in order to perform functionality related to runtime libraries. You have the option to let Spring Cleaning attempt to locate the libraries, or specify your own libraries, or both. The libraries that you specify can be any folder, not just Poser runtime libraries.
  • Auto-quit Poser: Enable the Automatically quit Poser before performing work option to automatically quit Poser when Spring Cleaning attempts to do library manipulations. Generally it is recommended that you quit Poser when Spring Cleaning works on runtime libraries.